Jul 27, 2012

What Really Happened in Fukushima : A Report From a Medical Care Provider

Part 1
Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I am a medical care provider.  At my workplace we began taking care of patients from the evacuation zone from Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in the evening of March 11, 2011.

The president of the hospital where I am employed says people live longer when irradiated and Fukushima people now will be healthier because of radiation hormesis.  There is no argument allowed.  Since this statement comes from a physician, many people believe this in Fukushima.

Those who were contemplating on evacuating from Fukushima are now in a mental state that is not even conducive to thinking about it any longer.  This was becoming obvious beginning in April or May, 2011, and it might have been a coping mechanism for mass psychology and dangers.  However, it is entirely different now.  I feel they are no longer capable of avoiding dangers.

This is what I heard from a clinical laboratory technician at work.  Thyroid ultrasound examinations for children, which have already been done in my town and which will be held in other cities from now on, are being performed by Fukushima University Medical School Hospital laboratory technicians who have only done blood tests before.  In other words, they are being done by people who have never used ultrasound equipment before.

Technicians are being dispatched from Fukushima University Medical School.  For instance, there is a whole body counter car stationed in Kawamata-machi, Date district, where a part of the town is a deliberate evacuation area.  There are physicians and clinical laboratory technicians stationed there, and they are all young.

Currently there is ”that” Yamashita stationed at Fukushima University Medical School.  After being dismissed as the radiation advisor for Fukushima prefecture, he became a vice president for Fukushima University Medical School.  The reason not a single Fukushima physician even mentions medical care for radiation exposure is because of the power of Fukushima University Medical School.  Physicians in Fukushima who are not self-sufficient are not allowed to provide medical care for radiation exposure, and those who are self-sufficient left Fukushima.

Yamashita and Fukushima University Medical School are planning on creating a cancer center (already publicized).  Minami Tohoku General Hospital in Koriyama-city, which has been introducing Gamma Knife and PET for cancer treatments on a large scale, has not had any say.  It is obvious this is because of Fukushima University Medical School.

I have also learned the following from a radiology technician in mid-March, 2011.  Test  anomalies began to show in Kanto summer of 2011 also.  But in mid-March, X-rays for a particular patient began to show white spots.  They didn’t show up if the patient was undressed.  They didn’t show up in X-rays of other patients who were examined at the hospital.  This particular patient was actually not even an evacuee but a resident who lived 45 kilometers from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant.

The technician initially thought they were dust specks, but they were clearly bright spots.  It was determined that clothes hung up to dry outside must have radioactive materials attached to them.  This “finding” was reported as such to the hospital president as well as the prefectural office.  At the time we had no idea what was going on at Fukushima Daiichi, and it was reported as a proof that “the radioactive materials have reached as far as here,” but it was never publicized.

Part 2
Thursday, December 22, 2011

Please let me explain about what happened immediately after the earthquake.

On March 11, 2011, we began to have more and more evacuees from Futaba-machi.

At the time, the media reported that nobody needed decontamination for high radiation levels after evacuees were “screened.”  However, some evacuees had already discarded all the clothing and belongings, decontaminated (showered), and had brand-new clothes on.  There were some who evacuated without screening examination because the system wasn’t available.  There were some elderly evacuees who were carried to the hospital by Self-Defense Force soldiers in protective clothing.  They did not go through screening.

We accepted both inpatients and outpatients without any manual or instruction for medical care for radiation exposure.  However, Fukushima University Medical School Hospital only accepted the seriously injured (essentially refusing to accept evacuees) and the Red Cross medical team said “we were told by the headquarters not to provide medical care for those exposed to radiation.”

They stayed for three days, but the Red Cross medical team went to another prefecture without seeing any patients.

More and more evacuees were coming in.  There was a talk of making this hospital a screening center in order to provide adequate screening examinations, but it was stopped by Fukushima University Medical School.  By the way, what was called screening examination was contamination examination of body surface by gamma survey meters.

As a result, the screening center was established at a nearby evacuation center.  Those who were determined to require medical care for radiation exposure were sent to Fukushima University Medical School.  Soon after Minami Tohoku General Hospital was also designated as the screening center.

Incidentally there is something important I would like to add.  There was a “thyroid examination” of children from Iitate-mura and Kawamata-machi at the end of March, 2011, but it was just like this screening examination.  Of course there was nothing abnormal found.  The children had taken a shower and changed their clothes beforehand.

The thyroid examination was carried out because there were many children who evacuated from Kawamata-cho.  Residents from Iitate-mura and Kawamata-machi did not receive stable iodine tablets even though evacuees from near the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant had taken them.

Soon the residents began to be required to go through screening examination.  More people were being denied entry into other areas for evacuation: they were told they needed proof of normal screening examination.  They went through screening examinations by staff of National Institute of Radiological Sciences (NIRS) at each evacuation center.  They should really screen thyroids or the back of hands, but what they did was a less detailed scanning.  That’s how they did the examination because it was assumed to be “okay.”

Yamashita went around declaring “It’s safe.” after March 20, 2011.  He said he would conduct children’s thyroid examination, and he repeated said, “Everything is fine.”


  1. This is a damning report. However, I would ask if more information could be given about the source? I suppose that it is anonymous in order for the person that provided it to avoid retaliation? But that makes is difficult to pass on to colleagues, as they will question its validity.

    thank you,
    Steven Starr, Senior Scientist, Physicians for Social Responsibility

    1. The individual, a nurse who worked at a hospital in a town extremely close to "ground zero," originally reported this in Japanese in December, 2011, as seen here.

      The person began to have doubts about the medical practice of falsifying data for cover-up. The person evacuated from Fukushima and currently works as a nurse in another prefecture.
      Revealing the source will lead to identifying this person.
      This is all the information FRCSR can give you.
      We only publish information based on voices of real people.

    2. Mr. Starr: if you are as old as me you might remember Deep Throat. The codename for the man (FBI agent Mark Felt) who leaked information that toppled Nixon for the Watergate Coverup (six of Nixon's henchmen went to prison).

      There will be a lot of Deep Throats in Japan. To confirm accuracy question the "sullied parties". In this case are there records by the Red Cross in Fukushima confirming they assisted irradiated refugees?

      Place the burden of proof on them. The source for the story is wise to stay under cover. Karen Silkwood would nod in assent if she were alive today.

      As I wrote on Enenews this gives the Red Cross a black eye. Clara Barton would never allow bureaucrats to dictate nursing decisions.