Aug 30, 2012

Medical Food Services in Japan

Involuntary internal radiation exposure from consumption of contaminated food

The Japanese government has been trying very hard to “promote” food products from disaster-affected regions.  It’s called, “Tabete Ouen Shiyou!” or “Let’s Eat and Help!” campaign, which uses celebrities and politicians for “showing” that it is safe enough for them to eat.  Prime Minister Noda has been seen sampling sashimi from fish caught off the Fukushima coast and juicy peaches grown in Fukushima Prefecture.

It might be one thing for ignorant people to accept the government propaganda campaign, but it is inexcusable when the campaign is extended to school lunches and now medical food services which cater to hospitals, nursing homes, and welfare facilities.  Those already compromised by illnesses, aging, or disabilities are basically force-fed food, without any option, which might be contaminated with radioactive material such as cesium, strontium and possible more.

Below is complete translation of a letter sent from the Chief of Food Industry Affairs Bureau in the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, to the president of the Japan Medical Food Services Association.


Original letter in Japanese is found here:


24 Shokusan No. 2511
August 22, 2012

To: President of Japan Medical Food Services Association, Public Interest Incorporated Foundation

From: Chief, Food Industry Affairs Bureau,  Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

Regarding promotion of use of food produced in disaster-affected regions for the purpose of reconstruction of areas affected by Great East Japan Earthquake.

I hope this letter finds you well.

I would like to express my appreciation for various support and cooperation you have provided to disaster-affected regions since the Great East Japan Earthquake last March.

It has been about a year and a half since the earthquake happened.  Disaster-affected regions have begun recovery of major infrastructures in earnest, and attempts are in progress towards reconstruction of industries.  In addition, as of July 13, Basic Policy for the Reconstruction and Rebirth of Fukushima was approved by the Cabinet, based on the Special Measures for the Reconstruction and Rebirth of Fukushima.  The Government will continue to put full effort into recovery and reconstruction of the disaster-affected regions including Fukushima.

However, despite these efforts towards recovery and reconstruction, economic situations of disaster-affected regions are still grim.  In order to solve this, we think it is important that we erase the anxiety of consumers towards the agricultural, forest and fishery products produced and processed in disaster-affected regions and surrounding areas (called “food produced in disaster-affected regions” from hence on), in an attempt to expand their consumption.

For this purpose, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, in cooperation with other related ministries and agencies, have widely and accurately released to the public such information as the test results for radioactive material in food and shipment restrictions of products.  At the same time we have called for a campaign, “Let’s Eat And Help!,” to actively consume food produced in disaster-affected regions. Under approval of private business operators and others, we have taken initiatives to sell and use, with priority, food produced in disaster-affected regions all over the nation with, by holding sales fairs and encouraging their use in company cafeterias.

Promoting expansion of nationwide consumption of food produced in disaster-affected regions will bring a powerful aid to fast recovery and reconstruction of disaster-affected regions.  In addition, it will maintain and increase nationwide opportunities for supporting disaster-affected regions.

Therefore, even though some of you have already made efforts to help disaster-affected regions, I would like to ask you to encourage members of your association, who are offering food services at medical, nursing and welfare facilities, to promote the use of food produced in disaster-affected regions.  This will help with expansion of nationwide consumption of food produced in disaster-affected regions.


  1. Thank you for sharing this information in the post. Government is taking praiseworthy steps toward disaster management in Japan by promoting Medical Food services.

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