Jul 1, 2012

At Oi Nuclear Power Plant: We will get back up and come back!

A man talking to the riot police:

“Nuclear power plants are a crime.  Radiation kills people. It is not us that you need to control.  Please go and crack down on TEPCO (Tokyo Electric Power Company).   Please help us stop KEPCO (Kansai Electric Power Company) from committing the same crime as TEPCO.  Please help us stop the restart.  Let’s change the society together.  Let’s protect lives.  This must be difficult work for you.  We have no intention of fighting against you.  We simply want to have a discussion with KEPCO officials.  Will you please call them and tell them to come here?  We will leave as soon as our discussion is over.

If you push us, we will fall down.  But we will get up and come back again.  We will not give up.   We will keep coming back until all the nuclear power plants are gone.”

KEPCO officials showed up.

“Oh, you are from KEPCO!  Can you come closer?  Can we have a talk?”

KEPCO: “This is the property of KEPCO.  Please immediately leave.”

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