Dec 22, 2012

Third Letter from Jailed Professor Masaki Shimoji

For the previous letters from Professor Masaki Shimoji who has been jailed since December 9th for opposing the debris incineration in Osaka, please refer to the following links:


Please sign this petition to demand the immediate and unconditional release of Associate Professor Masaki Shimoji.


December 18th Letter

Thank you so very much, everyone.
It is a lot more comfortable in jail than I imagined.
There are three of us in the same room.  We are getting along fine.  Please don’t worry.

I get up exactly at 7 am.  We put away our futons, do some cleaning, and wash our faces.
We have breakfast at 8 am.  Afterwards we take turns “exercising,” several of us at a time.  All we do when we “exercise” is that we go to an area, sort of like a veranda, that is three to four times as big as our room.  It’s surrounded by walls and frosted glass, and we can’t see outside.

There we can shave ourselves and smoke cigarettes.  I don’t smoke cigarettes, but many people look forward to it.  It also provides few opportunities we have to interact with other people, so it’s a fresh change of air.  We take turns “exercising” which ends about 10 am.

After exercising, we can use books, notebooks and pens, basically until the evening.
We can have up to three books in the room, but they can always be exchanged with new ones.  I do writing and reading, sometimes doing a little stretching.  Lunch is at noon and dinner is at 5 pm.  All this takes place in the room.

However, I have to go through occasional interrogation, which is quite annoying.  I must face the interrogation alone.  Honestly it is quite a bit of pressure, but it becomes nothing when I think about all the support directed to me from outside.  Nothing to be afraid of.  I would rather read a book instead of being interrogated.  Boring.

Around 6:45 pm, rooms are inspected and we get our futons ready.  We turn in our writing supplies and books.  After we lay our futons down, we can choose one book for the night, which must be turned in before the lights-out at 9 pm.  I actually sleep quite deeply during the night.  No problem there.  But it gets to be too long, so I get up pretty early in the morning.

I would rather not be in jail, but there are many discoveries here.  Yakuza and police are all humans.  My experience here is definitely something I would not be able to have outside the jail.  I am taking a “so-what” attitude and seeing it as a “fieldwork.”  It’s actually pretty interesting.

I received four letters from various people.  Thank you to each of the letter senders.  The letters cheer me up.  I was forcibly cut off from many people, but it’s strange that now I am connecting with even more people, and the connection is stronger than before.  

I met with a public prosecutor this morning.  I severely complained and protested lies by the police.  The prosecutor made excuses for each complaint.  For instance, the prosecutor told me, “Why don’t you talk instead of remaining silent?”  I said, “What makes you think that what I say will be treated fairly by the police which requested an arrest warrant based on such obvious lies?  They can make up evidences and testimony later.  There is a possibility they will arbitrarily exercise their powers of authority.  That’s why it is important to remain silent.”  I then asked back, “Does the prosecutor have a view that police are fundamentally good?”  We had other exchanges.  I will have to see what will happen from now on.

I am heading to the court hearing for indication of the reasons for detention now.  I am looking forward to seeing everyone there.

I don’t know what will happen from now on, but I am doing very well.  You don’t have to worry about me.  Please keep up the fight outside.  Keep up with opposition of the disaster debris incineration.  I will write about the disaster debris issues in the future.

Masaki Shimoji


<For the court hearing for indication of the reasons for detention>

Written on 2012.12.15 for 2012.12.18.

Thank you to everyone who showed up.  I really appreciate it.
There is something that I learned in jail.  They are afraid of us.  It’s true.  They are truly afraid of us.  Everything they do is because they are afraid of us--increasing oppression, desperate indictment of one protester after another, and their frantic attempts to suppress and split us.

Let’s make today--the day of court hearing for indication of the reasons for detention--the day of our complete victory.   No word needs to be uttered and no one needs to be removed from court.  Silence rules.  Please glare at the presiding judge with all your might.  He is, and they are, afraid of us.  (I won’t get angry if someone raises their voices, however.  I might even do that myself).

I am preparing a statement I intend to read during the ten-minute period given to me.  I will put all I have into it.  I will put everything in there for my fellow protesters who have been unjustly arrested and indicted.

We will definitely prevail.  Actually, we have already prevailed.  Those who lie can only live in lies, and thus they are already living in hell.  In actuality, we have already won by living our lives faithfully and conscientiously according to what we believe is right.  It is themselves that will determine their own fate.  They will have to decide.  At the same time, we will tirelessly and solemnly continue the fight to change the reality.

Masaki Shimoji





ただし、時々、取り調べがあり、これがかなり面倒くさいです。取り調べには一人で立ち向かわねばなりません。正直、かなりの重圧ではありますが、しかし、 外の支援が支えてくれている、と思うとき、なんともなくなります。恐るるに足りず、です。こんなことしてるくらいなら本を読みたい。退屈。




今日、午前中、検事調べありました。警察のデタラメについて厳重に抗議しました。検事はいちいち言い訳してて、たとえば「黙秘せずに話してくれれば」と言 いました。私は、「これほどまでにハッキリとウソを書いて逮捕状を請求する警察に、話したことがちゃんとまともに扱われると思えるわけがないでしょう。証 拠も証言も後から作れます。警察が恣意的に職権行使をすることがありうる、だから黙秘権が大切なのです」。



下地 真樹  2012.12.18




今日の勾留理由開示裁判は、完全勝利の日にしよう。一言も発することなく、誰一人退廷させられることなく、無言でいい。全力で裁判長をにらみつけてやって ください。彼は、彼らは、僕らのことを恐れていますから。(でも騒いだ人がいても、僕は怒りません(笑)。人のこと言えませんし)


僕らは必ず勝利します。と言うより、すでに勝利しています。ウソをつく者は、ウソの中に生きるしかない、という意味で、すでに地獄に生きるしかないからで す。僕らは自らが正しいと信じることに忠実に誠実に生きることにおいて、すでに勝利しているからです。彼ら自身の運命を決めるのは彼らです。それは彼らに 決めてもらいましょう。同時に僕らは飽くことなく、現実を変えるための闘いを粛々と続けましょう。

下地 真樹 

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