Apr 28, 2013

An Appeal from a Fukushima Woman: A Young Girl Died of Leukemia. Please Investigate What Is Happening in Fukushima

From  a weekly protest gathering outside the Prime Minister’s official residence.
On April 12, 2013. 

Good evening, everyone.
I used to live 1.2 km from Fukushima Dai-ichi NPP.
I evacuated with only the clothes on my back.
Currently I am staying in Minato Ward.

On the 6th day of last month, I went to Namie-machi, which was the next town over.

Can you people imagine how it really was?

Prime Minister Abe also went there to take a look the other day.

In my friend’s house, there were thirteen dead rats, 30-cm long.
Their feces were almost 1 cm in diameter.  These huge feces were everywhere.
They had chewed on everything including the pillar.

Why didn’t Prime Minister Abe see such a place?
He should see the inside of houses, if he is going to take a look.

Before cancelling the evacuation order, please rebuild water and power system, roads, supermarekt, dentists and hospitals.

Even if we can return, nobody will return.
The situation is beyod imagination.
Also, the press should research the issue about Fukushima.

Not too long ago, a young woman died of leukemia.
I heard that younger people began to wear masks immediately.
Why didn’t the government urge them to wear masks earlier?

In addition, many people, young and old have died of heart attacks.

Therefore, the press should hurry and do good researches within Fukushima Prefecture before reporting.

I myself is opposed to nuclear power plants.  We have suffered so much.
Everyone, please do not allow the restart.


  1. To have their suffering ignored and not given help to relocate, is noting less than crimes against humanity …

    1. Exactly. But, from the international community who are more preoccupied with ridiculous "wars". The greed factor behind everything here is heinous. We will all, ALL, suffer for this. The Pacific can never be the same again.
      There is a US plastic slick/island 100 kms x 50 km's wide in the Pacific. It's a shipping hazard let alone an insane pollution hazard to the sea.
      No, i'm afraid these monsters running the west are responsible in very small time frame for destroying the planet.
      God help us. May their lives be cursed and their loved ones die painful deaths.

  2. How many contractors have already died from radiation poisoning? I will not reveal my source at Chiba. Do not try to tell me it is less than 500. That figure was passed months ago.

  3. Namie-town is certainly not decontaminted. Not safe. Don't return there!

  4. Do you really believe that any of it can be effectively decontaminated? No it cannot.

  5. The people at the top of the government do not feel shame! We can not see them as the "average" folk. Nothing has changed or will change with nuclear regulations. They will tell you that everything is "OK". Well...it is not and will not be in the future! The "leaders" of this planet must be replaced. What this World needs are YOUNG WARRIORS, not 20 year old complacent little boys and girls.

  6. do you really think the government do not know or care? This is depopulation. plain and simple. this is effecting the entire planet. Why the japanese people are still in denial ? Japan is finished. who wants to buy anything radioactive?? wake up and stop this .

  7. Not the problem of Govt says judge. http://stopmakingsense.org/2013/04/28/japan-court-rejects-demand-to-evacuate-children-while-acknowledging-radiation-risks-on-health-ap/