Mar 23, 2013

A “Long-lasting” Job at 1F: Women 18-62 Wanted

A job opening at Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant:  women accepted!

By company “Authentic” in Okuma-cho, Futaba-gun, Fukushima Prefecture

Job starts in May.
You can make money!  We will let you make money!  It’s a job even women can do.
This job will last a very long time.  
Urgently looking for someone with physical and mental strength.
Job location is Fukushima Dai-ichi NPP (1F) with low dose radiation (10-20 μSv)/day.
Job description is clean-up activity.
Protective suits and masks to be worn.
Lodging in Iwaki-city being arranged.
Daily wage 16,000 yen (about $150) for an 8-hour day, no extra pay for danger
Actual work hours per day = about 4 hours (short hours in summer)
Wage payment will be deposited into your bank account by the end of the following month.
Car commuting is allowed, staying in Hirono-cho on your own and taking a bus from there.
No meals provided, but under negotiation now.
Job period is 5 to 10 years, or until the reactors are decommissioned.
Other decontamination jobs also available for the same wage.
Many other jobs available.

How to apply for the job:
Please e-mail your name, age, and your contact address.
Limit 100 applicants
After checking your e-mail, we will notify you as to if you are hired.
Eligibility: No membership in yakuza or anti-social organization.  We will check into this when reviewing your application.  No tattoo or missing finger.  Your own health insurance required.
Age limit: under consideration, but will most likely be between age 18 and 62.
Applicant limit: 100

We look forward to receiving your application.

Original information, as copied below, can be found here:

第一原発 女性就労可能です!
オーセンテック - 福島県 双葉郡 大熊町
稼げます! 稼がせます! 女性も就労可能な作業です
長く続くお仕事です 体力、気力がある方急募です
第一原発 (通称1F) 低線量(10 ~ 20マイクロシーベルト)/日
作業内容 片付け等の業務です
防護服着用 マスク着用
宿 いわき市 現在調整中
日給16000円 /8h作業 危険手当は付きません
実作業時間 約4時間 (夏季はまだ短時間です)
支払い 末〆翌月末 御指定銀行に振込致します
車での赴任可能 広野町で自己管理して頂きます 広野町からマイクロバスにて移動です
食事 無 現在 交渉中
作業期間は 5 ~ 10年 もしくは廃炉までとなります
その他 除染作業も有ります 単価はほぼ変わりません

氏名 年齢 連絡先 住所 を記載の上 メールにて応募して下さい
募集枠 100名
メール確認後 此方から採用の連絡を致します
応募資格 暴力団 過去に反社会組織に属していない 書類選考時 関係各所のチェック有り
刺青 指の欠損 などもNG 保険書を保持されている方のみです
年齢制限 現在 調整中 18 ~ 62才 までの予定


  1. The planets are in alignment.
    The sun burns with anger.
    The darkness is coming here.
    The four horsemen are drawing near...

  2. This is a sick joke, right?

    "Your own health insurance required. no extra pay for danger."

    (10-20 μSv)/day x 5 x 50 = (2.5 to 5.0) milli-Sieverts per year official dose.

    Oh so sorry, this is the external dosage measurement (How much am I glowing as a result of internal dose}.