Dec 23, 2012

Obaa-chan and Nappa Cabbage Radiation Test

I am a temporary worker at a radiation food measurement center.

Today, an elderly old lady came.
She heard about us from someone.

She was a very polite, old-fashioned type person.

She brought nappa cabbage leaves cut up into large chunks.

The leaves should really have been cut up into small pieces.

However, we are not allowed to cut them up here.
I pushed and smashed them into the container for taking a measurement.

The elderly lady came back into the center three hours later, deeply bowing her head.

She said, “Thank you for doing the measurement.”

Fortunately, the nappa cabbage measurement was ND (Not Detected).

I told her so.

But she had no idea what that meant.

I have explained to others about it here several times before.

But they just don’t understand becquerel and sievert.

What came out of her mouth was what I always hear....

“Is it safe for me to eat?”

This instrument only measures gamma radiation.

I thought about telling her that it did not measure radioactive strontium, but I just couldn’t.

I said, “Obaa-chan, this vegetable came out low!  Low cesium!”

She smiled and asked, “Is it safe for my grandchildren to eat it?”

I couldn’t answer it....
I didn’t know it myself.

So I talked to her about radiation.
For about 30 minutes.

I don’t think she understood what I explained.

However, that old lady was crying.

She lived alone and nobody was teaching her anything.

TV said it was okay, but she couldn’t believe it....

But she cried when she heard my explanation, saying nobody was so kind to teach her all that.

She joined her hand in prayer, bowing to me.

I said, “I hope you live a long life, Obaa-chan.”

I didn’t know what else to say.

I just cried with her.

What in the world is “Japan” doing?

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