Dec 17, 2012

A Second Letter from Jailed Professor Masaki Shimoji

For the first letter from Professor Masaki Shimoji who has been jailed since December 9th for opposing the debris incineration in Osaka, please refer to the following link:

Please sign this petition to demand the immediate and unconditional release of Associate Professor Masaki Shimoji.

December 14th letter

Thank you so very, very much.  I am actually more comfortable than I imagined I would be in jail.

We have to adhere to a schedule, but I don’t particularly have any problems with it since I normally get up about the same time every morning.  I mostly do writing in my room, so surprisingly I spend little time reading.  I would like to thank the person from Osaka-city who gave me a book to read.  (But I might not like reading a book by Haruki Murakami that much).

Interrogation takes place on a daily basis.  This is a moment to face the authority of the nation, so it makes me nervous.  I can’t fight them alone.  However, I am told many people are supporting me, which helps me fight.  I really appreciate all your support.

I think the food served here probably has some radiation contamination, but I have resigned to eat it.  If it looks like it might be quite contaminated, I leave it out.  That’s how it has been.  I don’t care about not being able to have snacks.

What I feel the most strongest about is the cruelty of someone having to engage in unjust work of participating in an unjust arrest and unjust detainment.  I would like the world to be a place for young police officers to be freed from such unjust work and concentrate on decent work.  That’s how I feel.

I am sorry I can’t help you with the disaster debris issue at this critical stage.  I have a firm belief in all of you.

December 14, 2012
Masaki Shimoji
In jail

Original letter from the following link:

Statement from Dr. Helen Caldicott in support of Professor Shimoji

Professor Shimoji is a brave and moral man who is worried about his students and future generations. It is imperative that he be supported in his quest to halt incineration of radioactive waste in Osaka and elsewhere in Japan as this will add to the misery, sickness and deaths that will be the Fukushima legacy.

Helen Caldicott




We are collecting individual and group statements from all over the world in support of freeing Professor Shimoji.  Please send them with your name, name of your organization if any, and your address to


  1. to:


    My name is Brett Burnard Stokes and I live in South Australia where some of the Fukushima fuel uranium was mined.

    I am a scientist and a graduate of Adelaide University, where Nuclear Advocacy Fraud is ongoing, with the University telling lies to promote uranium mining and nuclear energy and to provide alibis for those who make immoral decisions to mine and export uranium.

    I write now in support of freeing Professor Shimoji, a man who has spoken out against the lies that are used as alibis to authorise the sacrifice of our children's lives.

    One of those lies is that "dilution is the solution to pollution" which is totally not applicable to the well known dangers posed by radioactive poisons ingested into the bodies of mothers and children.

    The incineration of radioactive waste is a crime against humanity.

    The incineration of radioactive waste is a crime against the children of Japan.

    Best wishes

    Brett Stokes
    Adelaide Applied Algebra

  2. Dr Shimoji,

    Hang in there.

    Junta Izumi


  3. it is the right of the citizen to protect and inform his community.please come together at the UN and hold the nuclear industry liable for crimes against humanity. Decades of nuclear dumping into the artic,oceans,atmospher has left a planet contaminated and easily linked to horrific weater impacts. We must stop governments that imprison citizens for imforming us of thier sins against us.

  4. Amazing that Shimoji is arrested, how desperate the city government must be!
    This is almost a good sign, it means that they feel the pressure. But we must
    let Shimoji out of this jail cell so he can work toward the end of the debris incineration. Please share the petition widely.