Aug 29, 2012

Yamashita will be too dead to take responsibility

“I won’t be able to take responsibility … I will be dead
before the consequence are known.”

(This is a screenshot from a television program.  Captions are translated below.)

What is going on in Fukushima schools?
Uncertain radiation safety standards

Nagasaki University Professor
Fukushima Prefecture Radiation Health Risk Management Adviser
Shunichi Yamashita

When the government set the radiation limit of 20 mSv per year:

“By the time I die, I won’t be able to take responsibility for all of your lives.
However, we have an obligation to obey the standard set by the government.  I will be dead before the consequence are known.”


  1. Probably he and too any others will die before the Government admits any relationship between health issues and their nuclear industry...

    What a Nuclear Waste!

    Wake Up Japanese People before it happens to YOU!

  2. Vast majority of people (inc foreign nationals) in Japan play "See no evil" game cos it's much easier to ignore the reality than face it. The reality is too scary.

    I wish I could leave this sick country before too late.

    Please help!

  3. I'm trying to tell my family in Japan what is really going on slowly because I don't want them to think that I'm crazy. Some people are trying not to face the reality because it is scary, and some probably feel it's not their responsibilities or it's too much to handle so just ignore it.

    They can't depend on the government to protect their health and children. It's time to take the matters into their own hands.