May 12, 2012

Insanity in Fukushima keeps getting revealed

1. Sports Meetings in Schools

Japanese schools have annual school sports meetings.  Fukushima children didn't get to do them last year.  Educators in Fukushima are determined to keep things "as usual" as possible for children, so they are resuming regular school events.

The Fukushima Prefecture Education Board has approved the use of outdoor swimming pools in all schools.  (Elementary school children have swim lessons at school during summer.)

Also, they are feeding Fukushima children "Fukushima produce" in school lunches.  Any children who leave out mushrooms or milk, as told by their parents, are told to just "finish them" by teachers.

These are some photos of children participating in a team game of throwing balls in a basket.
They were required to wear masks for this event because picking up balls off the ground will create a lot of dust.

2. Child Protector

There was an advertisement for this item in the Fukushima newspaper.

The description contained the following statement:

“It is the responsibility of parents to protect toddlers and infants from radioactive particles.”

When to use them

This will protect toddlers and children from radioactive particles.  

1. Please use this item when toddlers and children are doing outside activities in areas where the ambient radiation levels are constantly higher than the pre-nuclear accident levels.

2. When toddlers and children who temporarily evacuated due to the nuclear accident return to the original areas and do outside activities, please use this item when the ambient radiation levels are constantly higher than the pre-nuclear accident levels.

3. This item is recommended for your emergency kit in the areas near nuclear power plants throughout the country as a preventative measure for protecting toddlers and children in case of an accident.

Really.  What is true protection?  It would be better to get these children out of the areas that require protective suits such as these for simply being outside?

These are the news clips in videos and articles.

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